The Real Silent Hill Experience Unreleased Songs

Here we have a group of 3 songs that were made for TRSHE, but ended up getting dumped. We were intending to write remixes for the entire soundtrack to the 3 and a half hour long video ourselves, but realized soon that that is a lot of work for two people. The darn thing was taking long enough to edit! So we settled with using music from the games and it worked out well. We were left with a few remixes we never got around to use. So here they are, for your enjoyment!


No Mañana

Download – No Mañana


I Want Tomorrow (Reprise)

Download – I Want Tomorrow (Reprise)


Room of Chinese (ROA Remix)

Download – Room of Chinese (ROA Remix)


The Parallel Dimension Song!

Gather around ladies and guys for Johnny Cash’s Parallel Dimension Song! It wasn’t written by Johnny Cash, but it could have been if he played Silent Hill and decided to write a song disproving the Multiple Dimension Theory filling the interwebs. This song was predominantly featured in Twin Perfect’s TRSHE supplementary video on the Multiple Dimension Theory.


Download – Johnny Cash’s Parallel Dimension Song!


Lyrics are in the tags of the MP3 if you care to read along.